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Seule la fiche originale du Chorégraphe fait foi, si vous constatez des erreurs sur notre fiche de pas, merci d'avoir la gentillesse de nous le signaler.

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Fiche de pas Description et choregraphe Niveau Tags... Video
101 Ligne-32 Temps-4 murs-Peter Metelnik Déb   IMAGE CAMERA
16 Bars  Ligne-64 temps-2 murs-Eddie Roldos & Lydia Calderero Inter 1 Restart IMAGE CAMERA
2 Left Feet Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-David Linger Deb   IMAGE CAMERA
2 Hell & Back Ligne-32 temps-2 murs-Rob Fowler & Kate Sala Deb   IMAGE CAMERA
8 Ball (country catalane)   Ligne-32 temps-2 murs-Sandrine Tassinari-Magali Lebrun Deb contra IMAGE CAMERA


Fiche de pas Description et choregraphe Niveau Tags... Video
Adalida Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Marie Sorensen Deb   IMAGE CAMERA
A Beautiful Day Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Gaye Teather Deb   IMAGE CAMERA
Addicted to love Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Max Perry Deb   IMAGE CAMERA
Addem Up Ligne-32 temps-2 murs-Bralen Ellis Deb Contra IMAGE CAMERA
A devil in Disguise Ligne-80 temps-1 mur-Contra- P.E.Scott & Alain G Birchall Inter Phrasée IMAGE CAMERA
Adios Goodbye Ligne-72 temps-Françoise Guillet Novice contra IMAGE CAMERA
Adrenalize Ligne-64 temps-2 murs-Tina Argyle Inter 2 restarts IMAGE CAMERA
After Ligne-32 temps-2 mrus-Chrystel Durand Deb   IMAGE CAMERA
Alabama Boy Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Francien Sittrop Novice 2 tags IMAGE CAMERA
Alfie Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Carlo lansen Deb   IMAGE CAMERA
All Day Long Ligne-64 temps-2 murs-Gary Lafferty Inter 1 tag+1 restart IMAGE CAMERA
All Keyed Up Ligne-56 temps-3 murs-Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood Novice 2 restarts IMAGE CAMERA
All Shook Up Ligne-80 temps-1 mur- Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle Inter Phrasée IMAGE CAMERA
All Summer Long Ligne-2 murs- Pim Van Grootel & Daniel Trepat Inter Phrasée IMAGE CAMERA
Amazing Grace Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Rachael McEnaney Novice 3 restarts IMAGE CAMERA
American Kids Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Randy Pelletier Deb 1 restart IMAGE CAMERA
An Absolute Dream Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Joyce Plankestt Ultra-Deb   IMAGE CAMERA
Anything For Love Ligne-32 temps-4 murs- The Dreamers Deb 1 restart IMAGE CAMERA
Apache Ligne-48 temps-4 murs- Daniel Dumas Inter   IMAGE CAMERA
Arizona Flower Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Betty Villard Deb   IMAGE CAMERA
Arizona Freeze Ligne-16 temps-4 murs-Choregraphe inconnu Ultra-deb   IMAGE CAMERA
Askin Questions Ligne-32 temps-4 murs-Larry Bass Novice   IMAGE CAMERA
Atomik Polka Ligne-64 temps-4 murs-Bastiann Van Leeuwen Inter   IMAGE CAMERA



Fiche de pas Description et choregraphe Niveau Tags... Video
Baby Belle        IMAGE CAMERA
Baby I'm Gone       IMAGE CAMERA
Bad Bad Leroy Brown       IMAGE CAMERA
Ballymore Boys        IMAGE CAMERA
Bandidos Last Ride        IMAGE CAMERA
Bare Essentials       IMAGE CAMERA
Basic Heel       IMAGE CAMERA
Beautiful Day        IMAGE CAMERA
Beers Ago Go        IMAGE CAMERA
Beer for My Horses       IMAGE CAMERA
Better Times        IMAGE CAMERA
Big Blue Tree       IMAGE CAMERA
Big Jimmy           IMAGE CAMERA
Black Horse       IMAGE CAMERA
BlackPool By The Sea       IMAGE CAMERA
Blue Christmas       IMAGE CAMERA
Blue Mercury          IMAGE CAMERA
Blue Rich Mountain       IMAGE CAMERA
Blue Rodeo          IMAGE CAMERA
Boot Scootin Boogie         
Bop The B        
Bosa Nova       IMAGE CAMERA
Bring Down The House       IMAGE CAMERA
Broken Heart         
Bubble Gum        
Bug in My Margarita        
Built For Blue Jean        
Bullfrog on a Log  (Video)       IMAGE CAMERA
Burning Love        



Cabo San Lucas
Cajun Moon
California Blue  (Video)
Call Me The Breeze 
Camps One
Canadian Carousel                                                           
Cannibal Stomp
Caught In The Act (Video)
C'est la Vie 
Celtic Connection
Celtic Kittens
Celtic Slide
Celtic Tribute (Video)
ha Cha One
Chasing The Dream (Video)
Chasse & Shuffle
Cheyenne 's Rock (Video)
Chill Factor
Chippin'Away (PC IDF 10/2012)  (Video)
Christmas Rock (danse de Noel)
City of New Orleans
Claire's Dance
Clap your Hands
Clickety Clack
Coco Cowboy  (Video)
Come Crawl With Me (Video)
Come Dance With Me

Cooley's Reel
Corn Don't Grow  (Video)
Cotton Pickin/Cotton Fields   (Video)
Country As Can Be
Country Roads
Country Rhone Valley (Video)
Country Strong  (Video)
Country Walking
Cowboy Boogie
Cowboy Cowboy
Cowboy Charleston
Cowboy Dreams  (Video)
Cowboy Madison
Cowboy Man 
Cowboy Rhythm
Cowboy Strut

Cowgirl Twist (Video)
Crazy Devils
Crazy Foot Mambo
Cripple Creek (Video)

Cut A Rug
Cute Boot Scooter                                                                  

Dance on the Beach
Dancin Violins 
Darlin, Who's Darlin
Deck 51 (Video)
Devil's Shadow (Video)
Ding Dang Darn It (PC 28 & + 05.2013)
Doctor Doctor (NC)
Dog River Blues (Video)
Don't you wish
Do the Line Dance
Down on the Corner
Drinkin Bone Boogie
Drinkin With Dolly
Driven (Rob Fowler) (Video)
Drowsy Maggie
Duck Soup
Dueling Dancers (contra) 

Easy Does It
Easy Come Easy Go
Every Cotton Picking Morning
Every Body Knows
Except For Monday   (Video)
Eye Candy 
Ex' and Ho's


Fais Do Do
Firestorm (country Style catalan)
FisherHorn Pipe
Footloose  (Video)
For Neige
Freight Train
Full Tilt Boogie

Galway Girls  (Video)
Get Down The Fiddle  (Video)
Gerry's Reel

Get Your Feet Down  (Video)
Go Cat Go
Go Greased Lightning    (NC)
Golden Wedding Ring(Vid
Gonna B Good (Video)
Good Day To Run (Video)
Good Time Girls  (Video)
Go Strait

Grundy Gallop   (Video)
Gypsy Queen


Haleluya (PC Normandie 2012)
Heart Of Angel
Heyday Tonight (contra) (Video)
Hey O  (Video)
High Times (PC 28 & + 05/2014) - (Video)
Hit the Diff (Video)

Hillbilly Girl (Audrey Watson) (Video)
Home For Christmas (danse de Noel)
Honey I'm Good AB  (video)
Home to Louisiana

If I Was A Woman (video)
I love This Bar  (Video)
Irish Stew
Island In The Stream
I won't go Huntin


Jackie's Dance
J'ai du Boogie

Jailhouse Créole 

Jamaica Mistaka (Video) 
Joana (co
untry catalane)  (Video)
Joke  (Video)
Just A Little Love (Video)
Just For Grins  (Video)
Joyeux Noel

Kick It Up  (Video)
Kill The Spider

Knee Deep

Lindi Shuffle
Lips So Close (Video)
Little Rhumba  (Video)
Little Wagon Wheel  (Video)
Livin'On Love
Looking Back To See (Video)
Louisiana Woman, Mississipi Man PC du 28 & +(5/2013)
Love and Happiness (Video)
Love Story