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Easy Does It
Easy Come Easy Go
Every Cotton Picking Morning
Every Body Knows
Except For Monday   (Video)
Eye Candy 
Ex' and Ho's


Fais Do Do
Firestorm (country Style catalan)
FisherHorn Pipe
Footloose  (Video)
For Neige
Freight Train
Full Tilt Boogie

Galway Girls  (Video)
Get Down The Fiddle  (Video)
Gerry's Reel

Get Your Feet Down  (Video)
Go Cat Go
Go Greased Lightning    (NC)
Golden Wedding Ring(Vid
Gonna B Good (Video)
Good Day To Run (Video)
Good Time Girls  (Video)
Go Strait

Grundy Gallop   (Video)
Gypsy Queen


Haleluya (PC Normandie 2012)
Heart Of Angel
Heyday Tonight (contra) (Video)
Hey O  (Video)
High Times (PC 28 & + 05/2014) (Video)
Hit the Diff (Video)

Hillbilly Girl (Audrey Watson) (Video)
Home For Christmas (danse de Noel) 
Honey I'm Good AB  (video)
Home to Louisiana

If I Was A Woman (video)
I love This Bar  (Video)
Irish Stew
Island In The Stream
I won't go Huntin



Jackie's Dance
J'ai du Boogie

Jailhouse Créole 

Jamaica Mistaka (Video) 
Joana (co
untry catalane)  (Video)
Joke  (Video)
Just A Little Love (Video)
Just For Grins  (Video)
Joyeux Noel